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Re-roofing your modern home: useful tips and roof systems to get the job done

"Title 24 requirements haven't hit the homeowner yet," says Orlando Guastella of San Rafael's Aussie Roofing, who installs modified-bitumen, "but at any time, we can add a white 'green' material [with 'cool roof' qualities] to an emulsion, and paint over the modified installation." Similarly, tar-and-gravel roofs can achieve varying levels of reflectivity with white gravel, or with the mineral cap system, common on commercial roofs.

Nearly a third of the electricity consumed on a hot summer afternoon is purchased to keep buildings cool. California's energy supply challenges are being driven by a shortage of power during these peak periods. "A 'cool roof' can reduce these significant electricity-consumption levels in any one building by as much as 40 percent," says Adam Gottleib, information officer for the California Energy Commission.

Flat roofs are's why.

Photos: David Toerge, Michael Greene, Don Kellogg, Rochelle Kramer; and courtesy Abril Roofing, Inc., Dura-foam, Inc., Duro-Last Roofing, Inc., Neptune Coatings Corp., Chris Hemphill

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