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New owner says iconic Cliff May-designed building and its gardens will be preserved

modern landscape architecture, did many gardens for Eichler homes and designed some Eichler neighborhood landscaping as well.

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Sunset covers from the mid-century.

The building and garden are home both to Sunset's famed test kitchen, where recipes are devised, and an exhibit garden, where plantings are arranged.

Contrary to rumors that the site might be leveled or redeveloped for condos, Hamilton says both the iconic building and gardens will be preserved.

"The building and the landscape are what made it attractive to us. I've known the building and have loved it for many years," he says, adding, "It's a real treasure."

"We're excited about being part of its history."

"The lawn is a signature feature about the whole project," he says of the 1.2-acre centerpiece of Sunset's garden, "so I don't think we're going to compromise that."

He said no decisions have been made about providing public access to the garden, which can currently be toured weekdays. "Sunset is leasing it back and will be there for a year. It gives us time to think about where we might go" with the project, Hamilton says.

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