Is Your Kitchen a Champion?

Call for entries: CA-Modern contest seeks out the best mid-century modern remodels
kitchen winner
Past kitchen winner: Tong family Eichler, Palo Alto.
(photo: David Toerge)

Admit it. It’s your favorite spot in your home. The fulcrum of the mid-century modern home, the kitchen is where families share time, meals are enjoyed, ideas shared.

Is your kitchen a beauty? If it’s in a California mid-century modern home, and it’s something you’ve remodeled in the past four years, enter it in CA-Modern magazine’s 2013 ‘Best Kitchen Remodel Contest.’ We’ll need photos and answers to a few questions, and we want to hear how your new kitchen has impacted your life.

“Kitchens are judged for their beauty, functionality, and cohesion with the mid-century modern design aesthetic,” says Eichler Network Director Marty Arbunich. “We look for kitchens that work well with the lifestyles of their respective homeowners, and at the same time pay respect to the homes’ architectural tradition of clean lines and connection to the outdoors.”

Ten finalists will be selected and published in the Spring 2013 CA-Modern, and two winners, one selected by an expert panel and one by readers, will be crowned and featured again in the Fall issue. There’ll be prizes, too.

Expect tough competition and strong interest. For our last kitchen contest, 100 proud homeowners entered, and more than 700 readers helped judge. Click here for submission details.