Get Hip to El Gato Gomez

El Gato Gomez
Cover art by the mysterious El Gato Gomez.

Sure, the winter '14 issue of CA-Modern only just came out. But we're already getting excited about the next issue, especially because of the cover art. The image you see, which will grace our spring issue, was specially designed for the Eichler Network and  CA-Modern by a mysterious artist named El Gato Gomez. And while we'll all learn her story in the pages of the upcoming issue, we won't learn her identity.

El Gato paints full time, supporting her family of four by cranking out original work that she sells online, often for very reasonable prices. She calls her style "retro-futurism," and uses it to feature sci-fi cars, cocktail aesthetics, mid-century modern homes, and lots of cats. From tiki scenes to images that could have been inspired by the Jetsons (sometimes both at the same time), El Gato's work runs the gamut of mid-century cool. We're excited to share her story with you, but in the meantime you can see more of her work at her website.