Wear Your Eichler Pride on Your Chest

Reader and pepper grinder enthusiast Mark Perlson wrote in to share some swag he’s made for people to show off their Eichler pride. He’s not the first to make an Eichler t-shirt (we like these ones, ahem). But his shirts, mugs, and totes are unique in that they rep not just Eichler homes but his specific neighborhood of San Mateo Highlands. Perlson had this to say via email:

I did this illustration and found a cool font that matches some early Eichler brochures pretty well. ... I have the Highlands text for my neighbors, and Eichler Homes for everyone else.

They’re all up on his Zazzle page, but basically you’re looking at something like this:

But now that we’re shopping for Eichler shirts, it would be imprudent to overlook those available from Eichler Network pal Retrolicious, which has a line of Eichler Style shirts available, such as these:

And these:

A quick internet search also turned up this little gem on Zazzle from someone going by SLUDGEart:

And of course, we have our own humble offerings, fronted with this image:

It’s getting to be t-shirt weather in Northern California these days so let’s make it stylish!