CA-Modern Magazine

CA-Modern Magazine

CA-Modern magazine is the full-color quarterly publication of the Eichler Network — mailed in January, April, July, and October. Its content is aimed at mid-century modern homeowners and enthusiasts, with an emphasis on Eichler, Streng, and other mid-century modern homes and communities throughout California. It also focuses on home maintenance features, solutions, and furnishings for modern homes; profiles on special California neighborhoods; mid-century arts and lifestyle; and much more.

Complimentary subscriptions are made available to owners of Eichler- and Streng-built modern homes of Northern California and other select modern homes in California, and mailed only to their confirmed modern property addresses. CA-Modern's gratis list is presently closed, but current, back, and future issues can be purchased below.

2023 issues can be ordered here for $7.50 U.S. per copy postpaid for orders shipped inside the U.S. All back issues, from 2006 through 2022, are available at $10 per copy postpaid. Orders are shipped via USPS.

Back issues of the Eichler Network newsletter, published for 12 years through 2005, are available at $7 per back issue via this link.

For orders outside of the U.S. additional shipping costs are required; inquire before ordering. Order by credit card and via Paypal here — or via U.S. mail with check or money order payable to: Eichler Network Sales · P.O. Box 22635 · San Francisco, CA 94122

To see the latest issue of CA-Modern magazine in a large format, click on the magazine image. Winter 2023