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1950's Construction Sequence

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Has anyone found a description of the early steps taken in the construction of Eichlers in the 1950's?
We own a reverse JE-73 Jones & Emmons built in 1955 in Palo Alto. I am trying to 'second guess' the early steps used to create the footings and install the utilities that are now 'out of sight, out of mind (mostly) under the slab.
I've seen descriptions that suggest that water, gas, radiant heat, sewer, electrical conduit to the kitchen, must have been laid out in trenches over 14" deep, the footings laid out and formed at the tops, the utility trenches backfilled, the slab area graded and the slab and radiant heat installed.
I'm thinking this through to understand the potential for galvanic corrosion of utility lines of different metals, copper pipes, galvanized pipes, cast iron pipes, galvanized EMT if any were buried in contact with one another. It is clear that galvanic corrosion was not understood by the plumbing subcontractors. They certainly used galvanized iron nipples to connect brass water fixtures to the brass ells on the copper water distribution lines.
Has anyone seen plans that would show such detail, esp. for the Jones and Emmons houses of the mid-50's?
Did anyone take photos and save them?