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HELP - Closet doors professional needed

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Joined: May 12 2004

All - i hope this forum can help me out.
When we bought our Eichler 2 years ago we found the original closet doors in the garage.
After several months spent on choosing the glasscloth and the paint to bring them back to life again, we realized neither by husband nor I are handy enough to complete the project.
I hope i could get references of professionals w/ experience in it.
We got ride of the ugly mirror doors that were on when we bought the house and since then we have been having "open closets"
Please send any reference to mgesena at comcast dot net

Joined: Mar 25 2003

These instructions might make it easier to do yourself.

Joined: Mar 22 2003

Tom's link to instructions for installing new tracks and repairing old sliders was great. If you are like me and the thought still terrifies you, I have a resource that may be able to help, but could not find your email on your profile page. If interested, send me a message at cathyelynn AT earthlink DOT net


Joined: Mar 20 2003

I would love to find someone who could re-create the original closet doors for our house. Right now we have some Home "ugly" Depot doors that the previous seller put in. Now I'm not handy and neither is my husband, but the original looking doors just don't look that hard to re-produce. If I can't find anyone to do the work in everyone's opinion what it another good choice for the doors?


Joined: Dec 14 2003

Is there some trick for removing the wallpaper that was used to replace the grasscloth so that I can replace the grasscloth? It seems to run under the grill, but I can't see an easy way to take the front and back apart to get at the stuff. The wallpaper isn't too bad, but it's sadly faded and needs to be replaced. Our doors slide beautifully on aluminum tracks (it's a 1964 house); they just need to be freshened up.

Joined: Jan 4 2004

I use a guy to fabricate/update Eichler closet doors. He does a great job, and charges about half of some quotes I have gotten from cabinet shops over the years. You will have to Email me for his info. Plus, I am not sure of his service range (his shop is in Palo Alto).
I have personally retrofit about 30 closet doors to roller track hardware, and have had no callbacks.
I trained this guy myself, and he is worth talking to.
Grass cloth needs steam for removal. The 1/4" panels need to be removed from the door frames. I have seen some of them stapled, nailed and glued on. Take a good pair of needle nose pliers to remove the fasteners, or if you are careful, place a block on the front of the panel, right in the corner of the frame, and a couple of solid blows should back the panel out (make sure that it is not glued before trying this, or you'll crack the frame).
I find it easier to just buy a new sheet of 1/4" lauan plywood (available at most home improvement super stores) and cutting new pieces of backing into the frame. They can also be stained to match the original wall coverings, if that is a look you want. Have fun.


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Hello renman, I sent you a PM requesting info about closet door repair. My doors are fine, I just need someone who can fix the tracks.

If renman is no longer active on this site, does anybody else have a recommendation for a contractor in the Sunnyvale area who specializes in Eichler closet door track repair? Thanks in advance for any help.

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