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1955 Arcadia Steel Framed Brass Window Screens

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Before I turn them into recycled scrap metal, is anyone interested in 3 Arcadia steel framed slider window screens with brass screen cloth? These are approximately 87" x 45.5" large slider screens from a 1955 J&E reverse #73 in Palo Alto.
In each case the screen cloth is no longer 'perfect' but it is functional. The frames are still rock solid. I saved them as 'substitutes' should any of our screens be badly damaged.
In 2010 I removed the brass screen cloth from another screen. It was a chore. I can only conclude that replacing the brass screen cloth with new brass would be prohibitively expensive.
We have replaced all of our sliders with double pane Blombergs. The old window frames  were rusting out. I am still amazed at the solid feel and roll of the Arcadia doors and screen doors, even after 60 years. The screen rollers needed replacement once and a spot of oil during window washing.
The Blombergs come close, but they are not the same, especially the aluminum framed screen doors.