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Does anyone know where I can purchase address numbers in the Eichler font style? We are painting our home and I'd like to use the Eichler style font. I'm hoping to find the numbers in either wood or some other type of material that can be painted. Please advise.



Joined: Mar 20 2003

Apollo Marconi has recreated the exact type face used for Eichler address numbers. You can find the link to the examples by searching the old chatterbox forum, or go to the address below and contact them for the web page URL that has the eichler type face and the address plates they are producing.

Also, this site has some do-it-yoursef house number info. While Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Bold Extended is not EXACTLY the type face specified for the real numbers, it's pretty darn close. Only a sharp-eyed designer could tell! Leslie Fitch has provided a nice diagram to download as well

good luck!

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For information about how we made our numbers, go to

We have an Adobe Acrobat file there with the number outlines at the actual size. Or, as was posted earlier, there is now a company that has exactly reproduced the numbers. We have a link to that as well.

Tod (& Leslie)

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