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Another Oakland resident

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I just read the message from another new Oakland homeowner about whether or not his house is an Eichler. I have the same questions, but unfortunately do not have pictures. My house is off or Redwood Rd., just south of Hwy. 13. The house was built in 1953, has beamed/grooved ceilings in the kitchen and family room and lots of huge windows throughout the house. How do I find out who the architect of the house was and if it's an Eichler?



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Mike, you're not too far from the Sequoyah Hills neighborhood where many Eichlers were built. Maybe Eichler drifted out to your street?

Can you describe your house? Does it have radiant heating? Does it look like this Eichler in Oakland?:

If not an Eichler, who knows, maybe our homes have the same builder. I got a bunch of plans on our home from the seller, which I haven't had a chance to looked at yet. I'll also be doing a permit check and should be getting my deed soon. I'm hoping any of these might reveal the builder of my house. I'll post it hear should I find out.

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Can I tell if your home's an Eichler? Very possibly! Further, I've been in that area, and found what I thought very might be an unusual Eichler, so needless to say, I'd love to check your home out.
Since I don't always check the Chatterbox as often as I should, can you call me at 510-659-9476 or email me at Thanks!

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