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Any flush mount ceiling lights for Streng Sacramento Area?

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Joined: Jun 9 2009

Former owners installed modern fixtures that are out of scale in low ceilinged hallway. One, in fact, blocks the door to the heating unit and I can't open the door fully enough to easily change a filter. I'm looking for original fixtures.. the ones that came in this circa 1977 Streng home were square, flush to the ceiling, but had a wooden frame around that that extended down about 1 inch all the way around. They're the type that pop out of the ceiling on these springy hinges when the bulbs need to be replaced. Any leads? Thanks!

Joined: Mar 20 2003

I had issues replacing the unoriginal flush mount lights in my hall way too. It's only 7 ft high.

Is your ceiling the roof deck or do you have space between the decking and ceiling?

you might try your local home building products recycling center.

Joined: Aug 8 2009

i have replaced many of these fixtures not just in strengs but others, i didnt save any. of course on a 7 ft ceiling we put in can lights. next time i get one i could give it to you. e me

Joined: Jul 15 2010

Just helped a client with a line of thin ceiling fixtures for a 2x6 floating soffit
They are a line of dimmable fluorescent and now LEDs that fir into a 5.5" space

They are by HALO & Lightolier & ordered them from Wendy Lofing at Lofings lLighting.
We'll be using them in my 7' hall redo. I'm opening the ceiling for new wire runs, gas line & HVAC upgrade and will replace 2 lights w/ 4 LEDs
Dimmable but they use very little electricity in the long hall and if the house gets another 50 years it will make a difference.
Not the cheapest but they also have lines of more reasonably priced unit.

Make sure you match your fixture to the dimmer type you may want

Wendy, Don or Max can be reached at 916-442-3582.
My best John

Joined: Feb 25 2011

Remodeled a Carter Sparks house and have some of them available for sale .....not sure if you need them anymore.

Joined: Aug 29 2011

@ bigskyman

Very interested in your flush mount ceiling lights. Are they still for sale?

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