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BOMBSHELL or Blabber – We need your Help: Are Denver Wolf Homes Really Kit Eichlers...?

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The other day, I was walking down South Elm Street in Krisana Park (a Denver Mid-Century Modern housing tract) and ran into an older gentleman I had never met.  We stopped to talk in front of my home.  He complemented me on the grounds changes I had made and then dropped a BOMBSHELL of a comment for anyone who loves Eichlers.

In a tone that proved he did not know how profoundly he was speaking, he told me, “that when he was a kid he saw several of the homes in the Krisana Park neighborhood being unloaded from railcars.”  No way I said (I’m from New York); Brad Wolff built the Krisana Park homes and those in Lynwood, I told him with the conviction of all the hearsay my neighbors provided me over the years.  “Yep,” the stranger said; “saw them being stored up at the old lumber yard too.” 

BOMBSHELL or Blabber – We need your Help:  Are Denver Wolff Homes Really Kit Eichlers?  What do you know…?  Please tell us what you know!  Are we in Denver living in real Eichlers?  We have heard a lot of stories from: Brad Wolff the builder himself – “his firm built them,” to the fact that my own home has the names of the people who built it and the company – The Highlands Building Company – recorded on a few pieces of T&G subfloor.

Here are some specific questions we have:

1.)    How do we contact Eichler’s son?

2.)    Is Bill Anshen still around and if so how can we reach him?

3.)    Are any of the architects besides Anshen still around:  Allen, Jones or Emmons, and if so how do we reach them?

4.)    Do you known or have you heard anything about the 240+ very Eichler like homes in Denver?

Anything would be helpful!  Thanx in advance!

Mitchell Weisberg


Perhaps what he actually saw were the Cliff May pre-fabs that ended up in Harvey Park?

Shannon Stanbro

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