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anyone install a metal roof?

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wondering & pondering a metal roof. the slope part of the current roof might be ok, but would certainly have to add a slight slope to the flat section.

i know it'd be more expensive than just tarring or foaming over the current roof. but the benefits of a metal roof and lifetime (mine) of never thinking about it again are sure enticing.


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not a good look. Plus, do you really want to build a slope on your flat area? that's never a good thing on an Eichler.

no maintenance in untrue. Living in a home with a vaulted ceiling, your roof color really needs to be white or light grey, or with a metal roof, silver. with light colored roofs, they needed to be cleaned (hosed off) every other year, depending on the amount of dust and pollution in your area. if you don't, two things happen, 1. dust pockets become dirt pockets which can attract moisture, eventually breaking down the surface and rust begins, 2, when the surface becomes darker because of the dust build-up, it reflects less light back and your interior temperature will rise.

There are a lot of low-maintenance roofing options more appropriate for an Eichler. A metal roof should not be one.

which model do you have? how steep is your sloped area?

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Metal Roofing is the rage for new visible commercial construction. It seems 'state of the art' and certainly looks durable. The uninformed think it's the modern answer to all roofing problems.
I feel there are a few issues with the type of metal roofing you are talking about.
Appearance: The finishes have proven less than durable. Look around and you see fading, uneven colors. The available fix for this is less durable than the original finish, and expensive.
Insulation: Metal soaks up and radiates heat and cold at many times the rate of other materials. Sure, you can insulate attic space, but our experience has shown that it's best to avoid absorbing the heat and cold in the first place.
Condensation: ANY moisture trapped inside is going to find itself forming on the bottom side of these panels, and the underlying structure and fasteners.
Movement: The old style Butler and Soule metal roof panels move with temperature changes. This works the fasteners back and forth, and eventually creates unsolvable problems with even the most conscientious installation.....We have fixed hundreds of thousands of feet of unsolveable metal roof problems with our Dura-Foam roofs. On this type of building, the foam roof costs about as much as replacing the simple ribbed galvanized metal; But, you do get a more durable and insulated, condensation-free roof.
For an Eichler: I haven't seen an Eichler shape yet, that lends itself to a simple, uncomplicated installation of metal panels. Besides, it messes up the Eichler Neighborhood aesthetics to stick 'non-conforming' roof-lines into the mix.

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