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Arcadia door, How do I lift it off to replace roller?

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Joined: Apr 23 2005

I have Arcadia sliding doors with worn out rollers. How do I lift off the door. One end lifts off easy, but the other will not lift off.

Thanks for any help.[/list][/b]

Joined: Mar 21 2003

Ours lifts straight up until the bottom clears the frame then tilt the bottom out and drop the top out of the top guide channel. It is a bit heavy so be careful.

Joined: Aug 12 2004

Most all sliding doors must be opened all the way before they will lift off and most all sliding doors come out by lifting it off/over the bottom runner rail.

Has to be opened all the way is a security design, as if not, then just about anyone can just lift the door and get in.

They can be pretty heavy, so be ready. The glass alone can be up to a +50lb sack of sand, plus the steel frame.

I've managed to salvage some of the rollers by taking the door off and turning it upside down.

Then take out the roller, clean it well and soak it in oil over nite.

Can't salvage is if there is a flat spot. Ruined if so.

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