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Armstrong Foam Roofing Experience

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I'm in the midst of gathering foam roof recoat estimates for a San Rafael Eichler.  The roof in question was installed by Sierra Spray Foam Roofing in 2005.  This roof is showing the typical elastomer coating breakdown around the outside edges, and in places the foam is not as firm as it needs to be, but it has never leaked.  (As far as I know, over the past 12 years.)
I have received a quote on the recoat from Armstrong.  I was surprised to be told about Armstrong's process and experience with foam roofing, and with Eichlers in particular.  (45 years or so installing foam roofs?)  Has anyone on the Eichler Network used Armstrong to either install a new foam roof or had them do a recoat?  If so, can you comment on the service, quality, and cost?  If you had them perform an estimate but did not choose them, will you share your thoughts?
My quote was $15K+ including foam repair.  The San Rafael Eichler community heavilly leans toward Abril as the top foam roof contractor.  And it seems like every company can critique (sometimes severely) all of their competitors, making it tough to know who to believe.  Rather than critique any of the companies here, this forum requests that you send me a private message.  And to think, I started this process with the full intention of making this a DIY project ...