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House numbers placement?

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Joined: Nov 9 2017

I’m trying to determine how to correctly place a new set of house numbers from While their install guide is cute, I’m more interested in getting the placement to be as 'historically correct' as possible for our model in Lower Lucas Valley (image).   

Does anyone have information on the proper placement of house numbers, in terms of alignment and spacing from existing edges, etc? 

Thanks in advance.


Joined: Apr 17 2007

I went through the same question with our JE724r model house, and I couldn't find anything specific. I settled on mounting the numbers right at 6 ft above the ground, and about 16 inches in from the edge of the siding on the front door side of the panel on the wide side of the garage. If we both mount them the same way we can say we finally set the standard 60 years after the houses were built. And since we're the only model JE 724 caretakers in the neighborhood who went for the original style numbers, we should get to set the rules!

- 777

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This may seem obvious, but perhaps not. One way, would be to look at the photos in one of the Eichler books. There are at least two that I know of that have marvelous pictures of homes throughout the Bay Area (not sure about So Cal). If you find a home/model that looks like yours, it’s a fair bet that the numbers might be at or near their original location.

Good luck with your restoration.


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