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Asbestos floor tile

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I have found cream-colored tile under the carpeting in my Eichler. It is the same color all the way through, breaks easily, and crumbles into very fine dust.

I live in a Southern California Eichler in Thousand Oaks that was designed by Claude Oakland, and built in the 1960's, I believe.

I would like to know if this tile is probably asbestos, as I want to put in new flooring and am thinking of removing this stuff.



Joined: Apr 2 2003


Just a quick note. If the tiles are 9x9, I would say they are likely vinyl asbestos tile (VAT) and, as the name implies, contain asbestos. Likely the mastic/glue that adheres them to the floor contains asbestos as well.

IF you decide to remove the tiles, then you (or the firm you hire) needs to observe safety procedures. Lung damage from sbestos exposure can turn up years later and be very nasty so don't skip the asbestos-rated dust mask, disposable clothing, hazardous waste disposal, etc.

The only way to know for sure is to have it tested. Don't know of a lab in S. California but you can check previous postings or your yellow pages.

Search for previous postings using the Search link at the top right of the Chatterbox Lounge page and the keyword asbestos.

Good luck.


eichfan at rawbw dot com

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