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Atrium~Cutting out sections of the concrete slab? VENDORS?

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Joined: Nov 26 2004

We are interested in jazzing up our atrium and are considering having small sections of our concrete slab neatly cut out and removed so that we can insert either a water feature or plants.

With that said, can anyone:
- Recommend a specific vendor/company that might be able to help us do this? We are in San Rafael.
- Provide feedback/tips on cutting into the slab. Again, we would prefer to leave this to an expert that can cut the slab cleanly, however we would be grateful for any insight on this. Please send recommendations by e-mail directly to vonkodi AT aol DOT com


Joined: Nov 26 2004

As an FYI....

We ended up renting a diamond coated concrete saw to cut a 3ft x 3ft planter square in the concrete slab of our atrium. It was a breeze to use and the concerete was approximately 2.5" thick with no wires or pipes underneath. After cutting the square we rented a jackhammer to knock out the center. We could have done the former with a sledge hammer however it would have been more timeconsuming and we needed the jackhammer for a different project.

We think the atrium looks less 'vanilla' and more appealing. Good luck.

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