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Bathroom WALL Vent -Panasonic Whisper Wall- Will this work?

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Joined: Nov 26 2004

We are updating our bathrooms and want to put exhaust fans in both of them. We would prefer NOT to go thru the roof since it is 2 years new so we are looking at wall vent options.

I've heard a few other folks speak highly of the ceiling-mounted Panasonic whisper vent/exhaust fan and was curious to find out if anyone has ever mounted a Panasonic Whisper Wall (thru the wall, of course). You can view Whisper wall product information here:

Looking at the Whisper Wall specs, would you anticipate any problems with installing this specific model of fan/exhaust system in an Eichler? Is there another brand/model of wall vent that you think would do a better job? Please let us know since we want to order a fan for wall-mounted installation within the next few days.

I should also mention that we are doing a panel/electrical upgrade as part of a larger remodeling project which will impact the fan wiring.

Please post or e-mail me your feedback on the bathroom wall-mounted vent solutions (e-mail: Thanks![/code]

Joined: Apr 10 2003

We had these Panasonic Whisper Walls installed in our bathroom walls and they're great! Fantastically quiet and very functional. I think you'll be very happy!

Marianne D.

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