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Beam Repair/Front door replacement

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I have a couple of beams that are damaged and need repair.  They were repaired earlier, but the repair has failed.  I am also considering potentially adding some cover afterwards. 

In parallel, I would also like to replace my front door with something as close as possible to the original one. 

Any recommendations for both or either one? Please send a PM with recommendations.



Joined: Feb 20 2005

Since I didn't get a response, I ventured on my own with older instructions from this forum (birch core door).
I ended up working with Whole Being Construction in San Jose.
He recommended a company that makes custom doors.  Took basic measurements for a birch door, removed my door at 9AM and by mid afternoon he had replaced it with a full custom door with all original hardware.  Looks and works great so  far.   Door was $400 + tax.  Labor hard to peel out, because I had him replace some side panels as well.
Happy with the results.

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I recently asked pretty much the same question on the Eichler Network page on Facebook, and they responded to my question with this article, which is pretty informative:
I'll be needing to replace the two beams in my atrium in the near future. Hope this helps.

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I have a courtyard model Eichler. We have renovated most of the house without changing the footprint. In the "hobby
room" off of the kitchen, I would like to add a double pane of safety glass (almost the size of the wall) to the exterior wall. Has anyone done this? If yes, what was involved? Thank you.

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