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Black Widows... Concord and Walnut Creek Eichler Owner's

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Joined: Feb 8 2005

About three months ago I was looking out of our kitchen window and noticed a huge black widow hanging out between the fence and a plant, then I noticed another about six feet away. I kept this info in the back of my mind for a week or so. As I was pulling up my driveway at around 1:00 a.m. I saw a huge spider camping out right next to our front door. After a closer inspection I could see that it too was a black widow. A couple days later I saw a young black widow hanging outside our living room window next to the fireplace about a foot up. Just next to that one was a baby black widow, it was still whitish with stripes, but the hourglass was clear enough. I decided that it was time to go looking. So off I go with my Maglight searching for widows. I have people and pets in my house to protect. They are far too fragile for a black widow bite. In two nights I killed 60 black widows around the perimeter of our house. A week or so goes by and I do some light looking and feel pretty confident that the problem has been solved. Three weeks later I spot more babies outside of that window in the living room. So off I go again at night to see what I can find. In the last two nights I have killed close to 30 black widows. The crazy thing is that THEY ARE NOT HIDING, and THEY ARE NOT BEING SHY.
These black widows are right out in the open, all within a foot of the ground. I found seven hanging off of the concrete steps to the diving board. Six on the bottom of the side gate, one with it's web across the pathway on the side....I urge you to grab a flashlight and go look around.
I would love to know if we are the only ones with this problem.
I will gladly email pics of some of my findings.

Joined: Apr 19 2007

while i haven't seen any BWs (on phoenix street), i'd love to know which street you are on in concord...

Joined: Sep 16 2005

Wow, that is sort of freaky. I am just one street over from you and I have not seen any Black Widows. Although I have noticed an increase in the number of spiders that I have been finding in the house. I will go out tonight to have a look around the house.
Keep up the good killing work.

Joined: Mar 12 2005

Ugh. Black widows and spiders in general freak me out. When we moved into our Eichler in Walnut Creek back in 2005, we had a few -- maybe 5. But, we hired Terminix to come spray and I don't think we've had any since then. But, I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

Good luck!

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