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Blomberg windows install DIY?

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Does anyone here have experience doing a DIY installation of Blomberg dual pane windows in place of original Blomberg windows? I'm looking to replace the orginal windows on our Streng and am trying to figure out whether this is a viable option on which to save labor costs.

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Installation of Blomberg is  really difficult to do by oneself dont try it ever once I tried but didnt got sucess.

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We replaced a few windows with new aluminum double-pane Blombergs last year. This is not for the inexperienced carpenter. I did save some money by buying the windows directly from Blomberg. They have excellent service. I removed some outside trim to confirm the measurements, ideally have your carpenter do this. (Mine double checked)

Mostly complete list of steps:
- choose window style
- choose opaque glass type if necessary (we had a bathroom window and chose from among a wide variety of textured glass, much nicer than default privacy glass and modest up charge)
- measure cutouts
- order windows (about 3 weeks)
- remove outside trim
- check inside connection of window, you may just need to run a blade around the existing caulk
- remove entire piece of siding, dealing with any downspouts, outlets, etc.
- remove existing window (many nails) - this will have to be taken to the dump and/or recycled
- prep new window, flanges may need to be modified if any obstructions
- shim and level new window, then nail in - this works best with 2 people
- all other inside wall work - take care of any exposed electrical or plumbing issues, and replace insulation if desired/needed, replace nail plates, etc.
- reinstall siding
- caulk/seal inside and out
- reinstall outside trim
- paint exterior
- reinstall exterior fixtures
- interior touch up as needed

Consequences are severe if you measure wrong, don't seal properly, damage it during installation, etc. Get somebody who knows what they're doing.

We were already doing a lot of electrical and plumbing work and siding replacement, so it was easy to add in the windows.

All in all, I'm very happy with the quality, modern appearance, and service of Blomberg. They haven't done much for our heating bill, but we appreciate getting rid of the drafts, huge drop in outside noise, and having windows that work.

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