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Hello out there,
I am a Eichler owner in the Fairmeadows tract in Orange, CA going on 9 years. I have seen many blueprints of the styles around the area but mine. Can anyone direct me to pictures of these blueprints? My style is 2 door garage in front with the front door next to it. The 4 bedrooms are on the opposite side of the garage. I've been told by neighbors that it was call the fort sumner model. Perhaps the reference to the block wall in front and flat.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

Scooter (aka Scott)

Joined: Mar 26 2007

You ever get ahold of the blueprints?

Let me know!

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness".

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I had a similar question and was logging on to hopefully find the answer again.
The answer that was given to me (minus the contact names and phone numbers) was to contact for Northern CA homes UC Berkeley's library and for Southern CA homes UCLA's library. I had very interesting conversations with both librarian's. They both told me if I could provide an address they could most likely provide the plans. I was coming back to look for the post to find the contact names and numbers. It was quite some time back though.

I hope this helps.


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