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cap on beams

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I am just finishing the resoration of the outside beams.

I now would like to cap them with some metal shield or other type for better protection.

Doe sanyone know how to get some beam caps?


Joined: Aug 12 2004

Potential catch22 with a metal cap.

UV and O3 are what I'd consider the main causes for the original protective coating to wear out.

So a metal cap would do the job and longer too.

BUT, it will also trap moisture and if the painted on coating isn't up to protecting it in this condition, you've created a new problem which is the same problem...rotted wood.

Joined: Oct 10 2003

talk to your local roofer, it seems they do this kind of stuff, and/or know who does.

When we got our roof done by Randy & The Durafoam'ers, we did caps on our beams as well. I think since roofers deal with sheet metal alot with edging, spouts, etc, they are hooked up with sheet metal connections. A U-shaped cap is simple enough to bend in a sheetmetal shop.

Joined: Mar 25 2005

I'm in a northern climate, but the fascia on my roof is about an inch higher than normal and covers the front edge of the douglas fir roof beam. Is this the part of the beam that you are trying to protect? (top/front corner?)

My architect doesn't like this feature on my house - he wants the roof to appear to "float" on the beam, so I'm currently arranging to reduce the size of the fascia. Now I'm wondering if this will compromise the beam?


Joined: Apr 20 2006

Look under SHEET METAL in your local phonebook. Find a fabricator in this list. Measure for the widest part of your beam, in case it is not complete uniform. Allow 1/4" extra width. Ask the fabricator what gauge metal he recommends. Order the metal a little longer than you need and trim on site with tin snips. When installing, caulk the ends of the cap, especially near the house. Secure the caps from the sides.

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