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Central Air Unit Not Cooling House

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Joined: Jul 1 2009

I have 2 units- one upstairs and one downstairs-

The upstairs is blowing- I feel the air blowing- the thingamabob outside (can't think of the name) is operating, but no cold air. I did notice that there's no water being pumped out.

I hear its the compressor, but hopefully it's something else. Is there a few other checks I can do before I call the rapis- I mean the HVAC guy?


Joined: Dec 18 2006

Ever wonder why with every doctor visit the nurse takes your temperature? He or she takes it because it is easy to do and sometimes it alerts the doctor of a problem or a potential problem. When it comes to heating or cooling a home...don't go by feel. Purchase an infrared (non-contact) thermometer. You simply aim it at a surface, press a button and read the temp. Some of the fancy ones have a laser pointer to indicate the exact spot the thermometer is ready.

Armed with your new toy just walk around the house and take readings. Be ready for an education. Point it at the walls, ceiling, skylights, windows, etc. You may find a certain wall 10 degrees cooler than the inside room temp, while other are 10-20 degrees warmer than the current room temp. A cheap little pocket thermometer can be inserted in the heat register to test the temperature of the air coming out. The pocket thermometer is what the HVAC man carries with him at all times. When the report is that the A/C isn't working, he takes its temperature...sound familiar?

In any event, take the scientific approach and you will soon find the source of you problem. Once that is determined, you can start working on a solution.

Good luck.

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