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Ceramic tile flooring over orig. asbestos tile ok?

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Help! We have the original asbestos-containing tile flooring throughout our house. The previous owners put carpet and sheet linoleum down over it. The top layer needs to be replaced. We cannot afford to remove the old tile responsibly and don't want to risk releasing asbestos. We are planning to remove the carpet and sheet linoleum and put down ceramic tile on top of the asbestos tile. A contractor I spoke to is concerned that the asbestos tile will end up lifting up, bringing up the new ceramic tile. (We cannot do any work ourselves. I've searched previous posts.) Does anyone have experience with this? Advice? We really need your help. Thanks!

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Don't do it...I think the same thing was done in our home. And now three years after moving we are starting to get crack in the grout lines and hollow sounds in some areas. I a pretty sure that it is on top of the old tiles. I have not taken up the floor just yet but it is on the list.

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Assuming the sheet linoleum was adhered by a mastic/glue, the majority of your VCT will be stuck to the linoleum and you would have to take it all out at once.

You have to undo the previous bad jobs to have a solid base for your tiles.


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