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Dual pane insulated frameless windows, insights?

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Thought I'd jump in here and bring up a topic I never thought I'd consider, window replacement with modern insulated type.

I've seen past posts where owners have used a frameless type. I've never seen these. The reason I bring this up is that I got a call from a company that sells replacement windows that are meet Energy Star spec. I was sure he was a telemarketer, but he seemed more legit then others. I kindly declined his offer. He understood where our Eichler homes stand in terms of appropriate windows that can be suitable and aesthetically matches.

I have a later Eichler home with two pitched roofs that have large triangular windows at the ends. And an atrium. So these past few days have been really cold in the house! I do have a foam roof.

I imagine that windows that I have read about, frameless but dual pane for insulation will be pricey and perhaps difficult to get in a triangle! The atrium windows I imagine would be reasonable, yet still pricey.

Sliding glass windows are original too and I am hesitant to replace them, for aesthetic reasons and originality.

What's the latest in the world of windows for Eichler owners who've made the jump to insulated windows?

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I think you can custom size/shape any window, but standard windows will not be esthetically pleasing ("heavy frames").
I got most of my knowledge from Jake in San Jose, who apparently replaced all his floor-to-ceiling glass with "frameless double pane insulated" glass.
For an addition, my GC had a local company custom sized & shaped (including triangularly shaped ones for the pitched roof) glass. Basically, double insulated glass is glued to a small aluminum frame and the whole panel is "popped" into place and secured by thin wood trim pieces inside & outside -- same as the original Eichler installation. The basic problem is that the guaranty (for example, inside fogging caused by leaks between the 2 glass panes) is by the custom shop --- this compares to Milgard or others that may provide a "lifetime" guaranty no questons asked (installation defects not covered).

It's expensive, and it will not pencil out if you're looking for payback in lower energy costs - - that's why most owners only do the BR aluminum windows and perhaps the patio slider when it breaks -- the "picture" floor-to-ceiling glass is left alone and window treatments are used to keep the cold out.

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