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eames chair repair

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Joined: Nov 19 2003

hi eichlerholics,

the seat cusion of my beloved vintage eames chair has finally split at the seam. can anyone recommend a good restorer/reupholsterer?


Joined: Jul 24 2003

Could you be a little more specific about which chair you have
and where you are?

Gene Kim-Eng

Joined: Nov 19 2003

it's the herman miller eames lounge chair (here's a link to a photo), and i live in san mateo, close to san francisco.,,a10-c440-p47,00.html

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Joined: Feb 9 2004

you're in luck - HM still makes replacement cushions for these. I imagine the replacements would be cheaper than a re-upholsterer would charge and would better match your other original pads. I've had good luck w/ highbrowfurniture + all HM products are on sale until Sat. 6/19.

Joined: Jul 24 2003

If the leather has just broken a seam at the piping,
then any upholstery shop will be able restitch it
(you could even try doing it yourself, since the
seam was handstitched in the first place). If the
leather itself has given way, you need a leather
repair. The only place I know of in the Bay Area
is in Hayward, I've
never used them, but as I said, they're pretty
much the only game in town as far as I know.

Joined: Mar 20 2003

good source in LA

Check with Modern-i in San Anselmo for a Bay Area resource.

Joined: Mar 31 2003


I purchased new pads directly from Herman Miller and they look terrific. Note that there was a change to the clips used to adhere the pads in 1972, so you will need to know the age of your chair. By the way, HM's customer service is outstanding. Everyone was very helpful, and I was even just able to get a copy of the original instructions for my 30 year old Nelson CSS units from the Herman Miller Archives.

The new pads are not cheap, I would search on the web for someone who has good prices on Herman Miller products in general, who might give you a decent price on the pads. You might try

Good luck!

John Dark

Joined: Nov 19 2003

thanks for all the advice- i think i'm on the right track!

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