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Is this an Eichler? Need floor plans

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Howdy,  I am moving to a home in Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village and the home design seems very Eichler-esque.  I have done much research on my own to find the floor plans as we I want to begin interior decorating before we move in June but have had zero luck.  I've asked the current owners for the plans but they will not be giving us anything before the move.  Can anyone confirm that a few homes were built in 1971 in Westlake Village, Foxmoor Hills.  It has the atrium that you walk through in the front, a frame design, glass, glass, glass, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths with a pool.  I am told that there are maybe 6/7 homes in this neighborhood with this design only.  I've also looked into his designers past.  A. Quincy Jones and Jones &Emmons.  Any help is appreciated.  

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You might be able to see if it's an Eichler if you pull the original permit from the county assessor. I pulled mine for my 1952 Anshen & Allen. Eichler pulled permits in his name or his company, Eichler Homes.

Homes before 1977 (in the Bay Area) were not required to submit plans to get a building permit.

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