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Eichler obscure glass

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Hi I am in search of a source for tall panels of Mistlite glass that can fit the two original openings at the front of my home... The size I need are 2 pieces eapproximately 16" wide x 103" tall. Does anyone have any leads on a manufacturer or distributer that has it? 
Other glass types that I wouldn't mind getting ahold of and that would work for my dimensions are factrolite, industrex, and screenlite. 

Joined: January 13, 2017

In case any one else has been looking for replacement glass - I’ve been looking high and low and found a glass manufacturer here in Southern California that makes panels of low iron Screenlite that are 80” x 132”.
The company is triview glass & the panels are 5/32” thick. Triview is the manufacturer and hopefully they have a glass shop with an account by you. Because they are low iron, the glass is very clear and when light passes through it makes those great haloed diamonds that mistlite is known to do. Triview makes two kinds of screenlite and if you get a sample specify to get a sample of their low iron glass...

Again since it is a low iron glass it is a bit on the pricey side, but the up side is you don’t have to buy a whole pallet of mistlite from China, and since it’s a big format you don’t have to splice it with I bars. Hope this helps someone out there.

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Triview glass ceased operations in 2019.

Does anyone know of someone who can help to assess thermopane or related more energy efficient windows for Eichler? I'm new to this home and the sellers mentioned that windows are where they would put their home improvement $$$$.

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