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Eichler Roof Noise Reduction

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We recently had a foam roof fitted to our existing roof  in an Eichler house .

The make-up of the roof is as follows:


New (N) over Existing (E) layers are as follows:

(N) Two layers elastomeric coating over

(N) 1.5 inch spray polyurethane foam over 

(E) asphalt membrane over

(E) 2" rigid foam board over 

(E) 1/2" fiber board over

(E) 1.5" deck boards


With the recent heavy rain we found there was excessive water droplet noise on the Master Bedroom portion of the roof but nowhere else. We are working with the contractor to try and fix this issue but so far all they can recommend is to lay outdoor fabric mesh over 1x wood strips creating a 1" gap between water drop impact and roof surface. Has anyone carried out this fix or had a similar problem with their foam roof which they were able to solve?