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Eichler style shed

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Joined: Mar 31 2004

There's an old posting from circa 2002 on this topic, but let me renew: I probably need a shed for garden stuff; maybe also a writing shed for me to work at home but separate.

Pointers to Eichler style sheds - plans, kits, units for style - appreciated. Or, just plain suggestions on what works and doesn't work, design-wise.

I started out thinking of a shed that was wider than it was deep, to be placed by the front fence of the courtyard. Hoping to get the recycle and garbage bins that currently occupy the courtyard out; thinking about having doors both to the street and to the courtyard, so that the bins can slide in. Figuring a wedge roof.

But, at a recent open house, I saw the best Eichler style shed I have so far seen: deeper than it was wide, with a wedge roof going all the depth. 2x4s laid in an impression of Eichler style beams.

Also, a particular design challenge: I have a particularly useless corner of the garden, something like a 50 degree angle near a telephone pole. Traffic doesn't flow into that corner, and I can't put a nice tree there because the telephone folks cut it back. Might be a good place for a shed, also hiding my compost bin; but I can't visualize anything that fits into this corner that would be compatible with the house.

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You might try e-mailing renman, a regular poster on the Home Maintenance Hotline, directly. He built and Eichler-style shed for Barry Brisco and may have done others. We had him down to discuss doing somthing similar for us. Even if you DIY, he is great in giving out advice, as evidenced by his many helpful posts on these forums.


Joined: Mar 31 2003

While the best is probably something custom done that could exactly mimic your Eichler, here's a site that should be really interesting to an Eichler owner. It's from a Bay Area designer who has developed a modern 10x10 shed that can be built with $1500.00 worth of materials, and looks great.

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