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Eichler/Rummer Roof components

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Joined: May 19 2003

Can anyone provide me with a cross-sectional detail of the components that make up the flat roof portion of the Rummers that were built in Oregon?

I am interested in re-working my roof and I am curious about how they were originally built.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Joined: Apr 5 2003

If it helps, the roof layers for our Eichler (1960 atrium model) are:

All sorts of added-on roofing over the years, including acrylic coat, styrafoam beadboard insulation, and a couple layers of tar and gravel
original tar and gravel roof
metal channel protecting in-roof wiring (only along wire paths)
1/2" fiberglass insulation (crushed by extra layers of roof)
2x6 redwood tongue and groove boards

That's it. 2x6 finger jointed boards served as the fascia, and were nailed to individual boards. Our roofer told us removing these was a bad idea, as they keep all the roof boards in line.

I don't remember if the insulation was above or below the wiring -- I think the wiring was immediately on top of the boards, with the roof materials on top.

The Rummers may or may not match this design, but hopefully this at least gives you one possible arrangement. You might check around pipes that pierce the roof (such as the boiler and water heater exhaust stacks) for a chance to see the layers in your particular roof.

Hop this helps,


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