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Engineered hardwood floor for Eichler house

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Joined: Jul 16 2015

We just bought an Eichler house. We are thinking about removing the carpet and install the engineered hardwood floor, since we have a cat.

We planned to use Urban floor's engineered hardwood floor to install the floating floor, but a contractor recommended the Garrison Collection and told us the Engineered hardwood floor from Urbanfloor is not good. I asked the contractor whether the Garrison Collection is warranted over Radiant Heat. The contractor told me None of the flooring manufactures will warrant any of their flooring over radiant, if radiant heat malfunctions and temperature becomes to high (over 87 degrees) strange things could happen to the wood & finish, although He has never had any problems.

Is this true? Has any one used the engineered hardwood floor from Garrison Collection over radiant heat?

We do want to get the floor installed before we move. Your inputs are really appreciate.

Joined: Apr 19 2007

have you considered options other than wood? there are a number of reasons engineered hardwood would not be an ideal floor (from a practicality standpoint).

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