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Experience with Snow Roof white roof coating?

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Joined: Jul 26 2006

When my current tar & gravel roof expires, probably some time in the next 10 years, I plan to replace it with a white foam roof and the unico low profile heat system. In the meantime, I am considering applying a coat of Snow Roof white paint/sealant. My primary goal would be to reduce heat buildup in the house during summer, though if it also added a few years to the roof's life that would be nice as well.

I found one other post from '04 referencing this product, but wonder if anyone can share specific experiences with it, particularly with regard to reflecting and dissipating heat? I'm willing to pay $500 or so if there is a noticable effect, but not if we're just talking about a change of a degree or two.


Eric Kelly

Joined: Mar 24 2003

I recoated my foam roof with Snow Roof about 10 years ago in an attempt to avoid paying for a professional recoat. Although I tried to follow the instructions carefully, the next winter I had an horrible peeling mess on my hands. I ended up having to put a new layer of foam over the Snow Roof and it cost me more than if I had just had the roof recoated.

Snow Roof is blindingly white, therefore highly reflective, and would therefore do a nice job turning the sun's energy away from your house. How much of a difference that would make in inside temperature, compared to just an insulating layer without the white coating, I can't say.


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