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Fallen Foundation

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So, I'm in the midst of construction and it's been suggested by my contractor to abandon the radiant slab (for multiple reasons) and install a Watts Radiant SmartTrac system on top of the slab to connect to the existing boiler. The slab is already cracked in many locations as the foundation has settled more than 7" in one corner of the house. We're attempting to raise the foundation using a series of hydraulic push piers and structural foam injected under the slab. Additionally 3 of the push piers will be located inside the existing master bedroom slab to raise the footing for what once was an exterior wall. So the slab there will have to be cut 3 times in 3 ft square sections to install the push piers. My question is do we abandon Humpty Dumpty (our existing radiant system) or try to salvage him? Keep in mind that this system has been added onto with 2 separate additions due to a previous homeowner who was a mechanical engineer who tied the original 1957 system together with his 1970's additions. I also realize we may not have much of a choice if the foundation raising cracks too many tubes. I'm wondering if it is ridiculous to even bother trying to salvage it. I'm also curious what other options we should consider.