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FREE - Eichler sliding doors cabinets + drawers

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Measurements are below:

Height: 22.5 in

width: 13.5 (x2)

width: 14 (x2)

width: 15 (x3)

width: 15.5 (x1)

width: 17.5 (x3)


Height: 22 in

width: 15 3/4 (x6)


They are in good condition (painted color cream). I also have the drawers if you need them.

They've been used by one owner only since 1956, no rental.

See picture of the cabinet on the right.

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I would love to find out more such as where you are located.  I also did not see any photo.  I am in the Balboa Highlands tract, but I also have a sister up north.  We do need some drawers in our original kitchen.

please let me know,

Cat Fox

Joined: Dec 15 2011

I am in Palo Alto.

I have some trouble to add picture but doors are classic Eichler. They have been painted a year ago in a light cream color. They are in good condition.
Drawers have been painted in dark brown, most of them had protective film inside.

Joined: Apr 11 2012

That's great. If you can send me your phone number, I can have my sister contact you. She lives in San Jose. Her e-mail is Maybe you could e-mail photos to her. Her phone number is 408-259-3929. I'm sure she would be willing to get them from you. I know the drawers come in different sizes also so measurements on those would be great
thanks so much

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