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Big overhang beams... Dry rot repair

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Hello all.
Some of our very large beams on the front of the house have extensive dry rot on the top of the beams under the roof overhang.
Does anyone have experience repairing or replacing these beams?
Contractor recommendation for dry rot repair ?
What were your approximate costs per beam?
All advice very gratefully accepted.

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Hello Hannaday, just wanted to point you toward our big feature on beam maintenance and repair, in case you haven't caught it already. Should at least start to answer your questions.

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Something I did very early on with our house was to have custom galvanized flashings made for all the exposed beam ends (e.g. at roof gables) and entire exposed beam top surfaces (e.g. atrium) by an HVAC repair shop. The flashings wrap a couple of inches around the sides of the beams and prevent water entry where the beams go under the roof. After nailing them in, paint to match and you hardly notice them. They can be made for both simple rectangular beams and for those with angled corners.

15 years later, there was still a couple thousand dollars worth of miscellaneous trim and beam repair on a whole-house repaint, but I'm sure it was a lot less than what I've seen with structural beam replacement in similar homes that lacked the flashings, further complicated by water entry into the structure.

Consider incorporating flashing fabrication and installation into your next repaint.

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