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Stain for Ceiling/Roof planking

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Joined: Apr 29 2003

Does anyone have an idea of what kind of stain would match the gray stain used on the redwood planking for the ceilings? We're having our roof done and when the roofer got down to the planks he discovered areas in our hallway and along an exterior overhang that needed replacing. He's replacing these areas with redwood.
Also, does anyone have any suggestions for freshening or redoing the gray stain on the exterior overhangs? Ours is looking a bit old and tired. I know several people in our neighborhood have resorted to paint rather than dealing with the stain, but I'd like to avoid doing that if I can.



Jenn Gray

Joined: Mar 21 2003

My original stain is the Cabot stain Dune Gray.

Joined: Jun 18 2009

Does anyone have a suggestion for the type of stain for the bathroom ceiling?  I live in a 1961 Eichler in the SM Highlands so the rest of the house has the original Dune Grey stain which allows the wood grain to come through.  The contractor just painstakingly removed the several coats of paint covering the beautiful hardwood ceiling.  A few days have gone by and I am pondering that maybe I should leave the bathroom's redwood ceiling as is - or should it be sealed?  The Sunnyvale paint store suggested oil based primer and the Dune Grey oil paint but I don't want an opaque finish.  Any recommendations are welcome.


AY Highlands

Joined: Apr 11 2012

If you seal any of it, it should be the baths because of moisture caused by steam could dry it out.

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