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Free salvaged Eichler panelling this weekend (July 4/5).

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Because of the timing, I said I would post this for another Eichler owner. She had looked at the board earlier but couldn't find a wanted/buy section and hadn't wanted to spam the list if such things were not appropriate. (Pretty considerate.) I assured her when we spoke this morning that such postings are OK--however, she won't have the time to register in the next couple of days, hence this posting.

" Panels of Philippine mahogany available in East Meadow (Palo Alto).
Yours for free if you've got a truck to come get it TODAY/TOMORROW.
Call for times/location - 650 380 0815
or email as soon as possible to - anon-35457955 AT craigslist DOT org "

She also told me the panels are painted frontside but, as they are the original "good 2-sided", she thought someone might still be able to use them. She hated to just throw them out without giving people a chance. So, here's your chance if you're inclined.


Later Edit: The previous post noting the craigslist item wasn't up when I started my post--guess our posts passed in the internet ether. Anyway, this is the same person they referenced.

eichfan at rawbw dot com