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Globe fixtures

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Joined: Apr 7 2003

I know tihs has been asked a zillion times, but what is the company that sells the globe pendant fixtures that closely resemble the original fixtures? I want to bring them back into my kitchen and hall ways. I know the original fixtures had rods and not cords which may not be possible to duplicate, but I am gane. The alternative is someone who is willing to part with some of the original ones.


Kathee Colman

Joined: Jun 13 2003

I have several original globe fixtures (with rods) for sale.
Give me a call at (408)730-4010 (3pm-7pm)
Paul Galli

Joined: May 19 2003

I have purchased globe fixtures both locally and on line. I haven't compared them to originals, but they look pretty good to me. Email me at " home at chuckwhite dot com" for more info.

I guess I would be interested in how authentic these current versions are.

Chuck (West San Jose)

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