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Screening an antium

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Joined: Apr 17 2003

I would love to be able to leave all doors open from atrium into the house. My problem is figuring out how to screen in the top of atrium on the roof. Has anyone tried this?

Joined: Jul 22 2003

Hello. I do different thing depending on the season. I have most of my atrium covered with white plexiglass. This bounces the sun away from the atrium in the summer and keeps the rain out in the winter. However it is a bit hot in the summer so I have removable panels. In place of this I staple mesh netting to the atrium beams. When winter comes I just pull up the netting and place the plexiglass panels back on.

The mesh netting comes in different colors. I got mine at Ace. I hope this helps out. Enjoy!


Joined: Mar 20 2003

I guess I don't understand why you couldn't simply open the sliding doors and leave the screen doors closed. That's what I do and it allows for great air flow. Not sure why you would want to alter the atrium at all.


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