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Globe sizes- please help!

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Joined: Apr 10 2013

Can someone please let me know the size and location of the various globe lights in their Eichler home? The wife and I are adding them back to the house after the previous owner removed and tossed them for some odd ikea light fixtures. I know there are 4 sizes (8", 10", 12", 14"), and the only info I was able to gather from this forum after an hour of searching is that the hallway globes are 10". Also, were there globe lights in the bathroom and master closets? I'm guessing those are 8"? And what about the light fixtures under the eves in the backyard? 12" or 14" globes?
I appreciate anyone willing to help. I've found a ton of info on where to buy them, but no one seems to mention the size and location.
Thank you!!

Joined: Apr 11 2012

I can tell you that our Eichler has light bars in the both baths above the mirrors.  They hold like six to eight bulbs and they have a long square like milky glass cover.  I could send a photo if you like

Joined: Apr 18 2013

Very few homes had globes outside, they were silver or gold metal bullet lights.  I lived in 3 eichlers, from 1964 and 1960.  My kitchen and dining room globes are heavy glass, 12".  There were no globes in the bathrooms.  The bathroom lights were simple strip light with U shape glass, and the master bedroom walkin closets were either plastic japanese oblong downlight or a globe.  I've updated my closet and master bath light to white square milk glass fixture.  


Joined: Apr 10 2013

Thank you Selina! Any info is helpful. In our neighborhood, most the homes had globe lights hanging outside under the extended eves on the back of the house. One by the master bedroom and one by the dining room.

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