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Greendell - Not Greenmeadow Tract? Anshen or Oakland?

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Our family home is on Ferne Ave. Palo Alto. Built 1956 4 Bd 2 BA 1765 SF. I have seen maps indicating it is in the Greenmeadow tract. but county records show it as one of 78 homes in the Greendell tract. Can some verify it isn't isn't in the Greenmeadow tract. Also, were the designers Anshen and Allen or Claude Oakland?

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hi Pamela
We're also on Ferne, probably at the opposite end.
There is some historical info here.
Greenmeadow consists , officially, of 3 tracks, GM1, GM2, and GM3.
GM1 is closes to the community center.
GM2 moved our way a bit.
GM3 includes the end of Ferne from around Scrips Dr. to Alma.
We're at the Alma end, it is GM3.

Originally GM3 was not in the association, GM1 and 2 were. Some residents from GM3 lobbied and did alot of work some years back to add GM3.

Ac. to our GM map, the other end of Ferne is NOT part of the association.
I can check with our historian to be sure.
However, when all is said and done, welcome to the neighborhood....and hope to see you around.

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