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Holiday light idea... lights BEHIND the Obscure Glass

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The Eichlerholic here, with my yearly suggestion to owners with obscure glass to consider putting their lights BEHIND the glass. I saw this in a family friend's Eichler as a kid, and the optical effects are incredible.

Close to the glass, the lights produce tiny, bright, chrystalline halos. Increase the distance, and the halos become dimmer but larger, often intersecting and creating great color mixing effects. Increase the distance more, and the wires completely disappear, resulting in a Zero-Gravity, nebulous composition of huge, floating, intersecting blobs. When I tried it, observers wondered how I accomplished this effect.

Finally, the most amazing thing is how the composition looks like in motion... to the innocent onlooker walking or driving by. Here's some YouTube videos I took to give you an idea...

...and for those of you who are "video challenged", go here for stills...

Finally, if you try this, I'd love to see pics of your handywork. Please feel free to contact me at...