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Please show us your beautiful Eichler home!

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Joined: Nov 15 2009

Hi! This is a message from the Netherlands. My name is Edwin Oostmeijer and was born in 1963.
I used to work as a journalist and became just as Mr. Eichler an independent property developer 'by accident'.

For me it all started with a large camouflaged German bunker in the historic centre of the city of Utrecht.

The bunker had lost its purpose and I often walked past it with my dog.

Property development seemed like a serious option to me. It took eight years for all necessary permission to be granted.

27 explosions and 500 trucks were needed to remove all of the reinforced concrete from the site. We have realised apartment building 'het Bolwerk' which has stood on the site of the old bunker since 2006.

In 2006 I was awarded a Golden Pyramid for developing this apartmentbuilding, which is the National Prize for Inspirational Building Commissioner.

Since then it’s my goal to realise more excellent housing projects, as you can see on my website

For next year May/June I am preparing an architectural trip to the Bay area.

I would like to show a select group of maximal 18 Dutch officials - like the The Chief Government Architect and other wellknown architects - some Eichler developments and other Mid Century houses as well. Therefore I have planned a trip of 11 days from May 27 till June 6.

I intend to start in San Francisco and visit Palo Alto, Sunny Vale, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, San Rafael and The Sea Ranch as well.

To make it all happen, it would be terrific if we could visit some homes.

Would you be willing to show us your beautiful Eichler home?

Thanks for letting us in!

I hope to hear from you!

Edwin Oostmeijer :)

Joined: Feb 1 2004

beste Edwin,

Mijn man en ik wonen in een Eichler in Sunnyvale, jullie zijn welkom om een kijkje te nemen.
Mijn email is, ik stel voor dat we via email verder afspreken.

vriendelijke groeten,


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