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How to Remove Mahogany Panels??

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Re: Original Mahogany Panels - Free to good home
Postby crossusc on Wed Apr 09, 2008 7:19 pm

Jake (or others),

I'm going new into an Eichler with paneling and would like to remove the pieces without damaging.

Do you have any recommendations for properly removing the paneling?


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Hi Craig,

Others will probably have additional comments but here's a start. I'm supposed to be doing something else right now. So, I'll just start with the order then when I find a minute, come back and add the method.

- Remove any outlet covers first.
- Then remove baseboards and ceiling trim.
- Next, corner trim ("quarterrounds") from corners and around doors.
- Finally, unscrew the appliances (outlets, switches) from the wall and remove the panels.

Of these, the quarter round is the most desirable and fragile so take your time. Thankfully, with care, I've found it reasonable easy.


eichfan at rawbw dot com

Joined: Apr 2 2003

Appears I am repeating myself--the results of aging, or perhaps the use of paint stripper.. Anyway, if you use the Search option at the top of the page on the topic 'paneling', you'll see a host of posts. One entitled "Removing Luan Paneling without Damage - Suggestions?" from 2004 include this info:

"Well, I'm no expert on this. But since no one else has replied yet, here is what I remember about doing it. Hopefully someone else will chime in whose a bit more experienced.

(I'm assuming you've already removed the ceiling trim and baseboards.)

1. With a razor knife, carefully score the seam on either side of the panel to break any varnish gluing the adjacent panels together.

2. Along the top and bottom of my panels, there were large flathead nails spaced about every 6 inches or so. Because they were driven in flush (some below level), I couldn't pry them out. I ended up using a flat bladed screw driver, slightly wider than the diameter of the nail, to punch a square around the nail head *through to the underlying framing*. Try to make a continuous cutout around the nail and make sure the cuts go completely through the panel.

3. Once I had punched around each of the nails, I then used a flatbed screwdriver to work the top right corner of the panel free. Then using gloves, I worked the panel free inch by inch down the right hand side. You then pop it free from the mid-panel staples with a couple of tugs. Finally, folding back along the left side, then popping the left side free.

4. Finally, go back and remove the large nails that hopefully pulled through the panel with minimum damage.

When you reinstall, I'd recommend you use screws (drywall screws are fine) instead of large nails, just in case you need to remove the panel again. You might also want to keep the staples in the panel and simply renail them in. Whether you keep the staples or pull them out, you will most likely need to fill the depressions they leave with wood putty --dabbing some stain overtop if the wood putty is not color matched.

Did that all make sense. I'm typing this at the end of a very long day... Good luck.


eichfan at rawbw dot com

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