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Mahogany paneling: how to fix scuffs and scrapes?

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Joined: May 7 2003

Wally Fields, Eichlerholic, here.

Many people have an Eichler with no mahogany paneling.  I have a mahogany panel but no Eichler (rescued from a teardown).

It's almost in perfect shape, but with some scuffs and scratches.  Any easy way to re stain it to hide / remove the scuff?  (I use it in photos to display my art- such amazing luster!)

Joined: Aug 9 2014

I've had great success with just a little Danish Oil (buy at any hardware or Home Depot) on superfine steel wool (grade 0000).  After 30 seconds rub off with clean cotton cloth like an old dishtowel.

It'll smell like oil, and appear a little dark and shiny, but only for 24 hours or so.  Then the smell will be gone and the tone will match the rest of the wall.  You'll never know there was a scuff there.

You may discover, though, that your walls are dirtier than you think!  The oil scour and toweling may leave you with a scuffless but clean section, that won't quite match the dirty part.  Well, take your chances or do the entire wall.

When using Danish Oil or pretty much any other product -- a little dab'll do ya.  Don't go crazy.

Joined: Nov 9 2014

I need a small piece (~ 5.5 in. x 5.5 in.) of unpainted mahogany panel to create a small patch.  I live in San Rafael. I was wondering if anyone nearby might have a scrap piece in good condition.

Thanks for any Help.  I'll look for the answer here.

Cara de Cuore

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