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Stanley hardware for tilting garage door

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Hello All-

I have the original garage door in our Lucas Valley Double A frame.  It's a single car garage door, roughly 8' wide by 7' tall "slab" door.  All of the hardware appears to be original, so we're talking 50 years old at this point.

The pin that attached the spring to one of the bottom brackets snapped, and I can't find any old parts to that would match.  It seems relatively simple and I thought a bolt would do the trick, but there appears to be some pretty specific requirements in order to allow it to leave enough space for the attaching hardware to spin around it.  The label elsewhere on the hardware indicates model number  "Stanley 2731 1/2" and for the first time I ever remember, the Google has failed me and I can't find anyone who sells replacements for this component.  I can call the garage door places, but I have a feeling that they're not going to have the part and will want to replace the door with something "current" aka ugly. 

Anyone have any ideas for where Ican find a part like this? 

Joined: Apr 28 2007

I'll answer my own post, in the unlikely even this happens to someone else down the road. 

I was able to cobble something together using a bolt and two nuts.  I slathered it with white grease to try to protect and lubricate it but it wouldn't suprise me if the friction from the spring arm would eventually snap the "pin" due to the stress.  If so, I'll head to home dept and get a higher grade bolt and do it again.  Seems like the "fix" should work if the hardware is decent quality, I just needed to get something in there and pulled from the limited stock I had on hand.

I guess I'll put the garage door on the pending upgrades list.

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Make it sure that the spring you will replace is match to the garage door you install. So that its will perform better and safe.

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Stanley 2731 1/2  hardware for "slab" garage door. 

Wondered if you have the same as mine.  All aluminum one piece with horizontal lines.  All appears to be made by Stanley possibly early 50's.  Has Stanley logo with model  2731 1/2 and pat.nos. 2045100-2314634.  My coil spring on one side has now broken.  I love this door for the way it fits my home.  Did you have any success on finding parts?  I have searched google for days and only found your post.  Can you give any feed back?  Is there a way to retrofit?

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